Pastured Chicken & Eggs

$5/lb Non-GMO Whole Chickens, 2.5-6lbs each

In addition to daily moves on pasture, these chickens were fed local, non-GMO feed from Sunrise Farm in Stuarts Draft, VA. Chickens are shrink wrapped, frozen, available for on farm pick-up by appointment or pre-order for the next Farmer's Market.

You can specify in your order if you'd like a smaller (2-4 lbs) or larger (4-6lbs) chicken.

$6/lb Heritage Whole Chickens (limited stock)

These chickens are a step further into sustainable meat. Rhode Island Red roosters take longer to grow out and have smaller breasts, but offer more texture and flavor than the common meat breed, Cornish Cross. These roosters free ranged over pasture and woods for 15 weeks, supplemented with non-GMO grains and kitchen scraps. They weigh 2.5-3.5 lbs each, and make a perfect dinner for a couple or small family.

*These heritage chickens are butchered fresh to order through November*

Non-GMO Chicken Pieces

We've done the work for you and cut these birds into meal-ready pieces. We even have hearts, livers, gizzards, feet and bones for stock!

Wings (6 whole wings per pack, 12 when cut) $8/lb

Leg Quarters (2 per pack) $8/lb

Drumsticks (3-6 per pack) $8/lb

Boneless Skinless Thighs (4 per pack) $12/lb

Breasts (1-2 per pack) $14/lb

Tenders (6 per pack) $17/lb

Carcasses (2-6 per pack) $3/lb

Necks (6 per pack) $3/lb

Feet (0.5-3.5lb pack) $3/lb

Thigh Bones (0.5-1lb pack) $3/lb

Heads (.05-2.5lb pack) $3/lb

Livers (under 1lb per pack) $9/lb

Hearts (about 1/2 lb per pack) $7/lb

Gizzards (about 1lb per pack) $7/lb

$5/dozen Pastured Eggs

Wholesome, nutritious, with deep orange yolks. These eggs are laid fresh daily, hand gathered, and come from happy hens who spend their days foraging in green pastures. It doesn't get any better than this!