Hickory Hill Farm

A century old family farm, still in the making.

At Hickory Hill Farm, we are in the process of putting down roots.  Literally.

Everyone has dreams, and we are no exception.   We are drawing up plans, planting berries and fruits, and clearing paths through land that has been passed down for generations.  This family farm has been home to barefoot children, teenage dreams, and the hard work of strong men and women who have labored to provide for their families.  It has seen a variety of enterprises over the past century, and the history here is palpable.

Now, it's our turn.

Summer 2023 

Closed for the Season

We are taking time to build and complete projects on our farm.  In the mean time, our sheep flock is growing, our hens are raising babies, and new animals are joining our farm family.  We hope you seek out other farmers near you and continue to buy local, and we'll see you again soon!

Our Products

Pasture Raised Chicken, Parts & Whole Birds

When chicks are given pasture from day one, and an environment that encourages them to do what chickens love to do, they live more active, happier, stress free lives.  These birds free range from their mobile floorless shelters, and are moved to fresh pasture twice each day, which means they are full of nutrient dense meat you can feel good feeding to your family.

Pasture Raised Eggs

Delicious, packed with nutrients, and fresh from the farm.  Feeding these beautiful eggs to your family checks so many boxes!  Our hens live in a mobile henhouse that travels all over the farm, and they spend their days happily foraging through pastures and woods to make the most healthy breakfast you can find.

Pastured Lamb

Our grass powered mowers move daily to fresh pasture, and are the foundation of our regenerative agriculture system.  Clipping the grass while fertilizing it helps sequester carbon in the soil.  Moving on to the next paddock allows the pasture to rest and regrow, capturing more carbon out of the atmosphere.   We fertilize with animals, not chemicals, and we think that's better for everyone.  It tastes better, too!

Visit us on the Farm

At Hickory Hill, we have a working farm.  When you come to pick up wholesome meats for your family, or a new pet, or just to visit and check us out, you are welcome to explore the farm on your own as well.  These are trying times for everyone, and a visit to Hickory Hill provides a much needed escape to the country.  Bring a picnic and your play clothes, and wander through mown paths in the meadows, hike the cleared trails in the woods, and get a chance to pet a sheep or hold a chicken along the way.  Children have plenty of space to run and play and there is abundant wildlife to discover.  Take a family portrait, watch the sunning turtles, start a bug collection, or bring a birding guide.  Get your daily dose of vitamin D and some restoration for the soul before you head home, and know that visits are always welcome!

Y'all come back!